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Angolo Flowers is a premium online flower shop that is managed by experienced floral artists in Hong Kong. A variety of floral and gift services are available, including preserved flowers, fresh bouquets, boxed flowers, dried flowers, open flower baskets, gift baskets, bridal bouquets, wedding arrangements and corporate floral arrangements.
We offer a personal delivery service that uses imported flowers from around the world and is shipped daily. The experienced floral artist will create a beautiful floral gift for you according to your budget, occasions and requirements. In addition, we offer discount for corporate floral services to provide your company with daily or weekly flower delivery programs. Please feel free to contact us for any inquiry or quotation.

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The most embarrassing way for girls to marry!


  1. 朋友一起參與一場驚喜求婚,同時收到很多朋友的一起祝福,是最理想的求婚場景!
  2. 生日那天男朋友在我睡醒前把朱古力放在地上暗示我前進方向,在特定的位置加上紙條暗示,引領我找到戒指,然後向我求婚!
  3. 旅行時在摩天輪上看得見夜景,對方突然對著我打開戒指盒!
  4. 在海灘上散步時發現地上有蠟燭排成我的名字及Merry Me的字句,場面很感動!
  5. 在高級餐廳,在台上演奏鋼琴後突然對我說「我們結婚吧!」。
  6. 在平凡的假日Lunch,突然拿出超大花束向我求婚!比特別日子更令我驚喜!
  7. 男朋友包了全場的電影院,正當我覺得奇怪時,螢幕上出現WOULD YOU MARRY ME ?
  8. 回家時發現家中放滿鮮花和氣球,檯上放戒指。男朋友在沙發前跪下向我求婚。