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Angolo Flowers is a premium online flower shop that is managed by experienced floral artists in Hong Kong. A variety of floral and gift services are available, including preserved flowers, fresh bouquets, boxed flowers, dried flowers, open flower baskets, gift baskets, bridal bouquets, wedding arrangements and corporate floral arrangements.
We offer a personal delivery service that uses imported flowers from around the world and is shipped daily. The experienced floral artist will create a beautiful floral gift for you according to your budget, occasions and requirements. In addition, we offer discount for corporate floral services to provide your company with daily or weekly flower delivery programs. Please feel free to contact us for any inquiry or quotation.

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Dried Flowers

Dried Flowers

Welcome to Angolo Flower

Dried Flowers are a traditional method used for preserving the appearance of flowers. There are many different ways to dehydrate the flowers that spread all over the world. Through the improvement of technology and skill, nowadays the dried flowers can be maintained longer and have more beautiful color than before. In general, there are some common preservation methods including hanging flowers in ventilated area, pressed, silica gel drying, and hot air drying in drying chamber. The selection of preservation method and required time is different depending on different flower types. However, because of the damp weather in Hong Kong and Taiwan, it is important to keep the flowers in place where is a well-ventilated, dry and will not be exposed to the sun, so that it can be preserved for a longer period of time.

As dried flowers are easy to manage and can last longer than fresh flowers, it is very popular in Japan and South Korea that many people like to make use for decoration at home. In addition, due to the positive influence by many Korean TV shows, its become a unique pick and best gift for many girls.