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Romantic Preserved Flower Gift Box


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Romantic Preserved Flower Gift Box

Size: About 20cm x 20cm x 10cm

Colors can be customized according to customer needs, please contact our customer service department for details.

Preserved Flower is also called the name of eternal flower, not withered flowers. The flowers are made of fresh flowers, dehydrated, decolorized, dried, dyed and other complicated processes. The color, shape and feel are almost the same as flowers. It maintains the soft texture of flowers and has bright colors like flowers. Save for at least 3 years. Preservative flowers appeared in Germany in the last century and were introduced to other Western countries. In recent years, they have been very popular in the Japanese market.

Maintenance and care:
1. Avoid direct sunlight and should be placed in a cool and humid environment.
2. Use a soft brush to gently remove the surface dust.



呎吋:約 20cm x 20cm x 10cm


保鮮花 (Preserved Flower) 也稱永生花、不凋花等名稱。保鮮花是由鮮花,經脫水、脫色、烘乾、染色等複雜工序製成,色澤、形狀及手感幾乎與鮮花無異,它保持了鮮花柔軟質感也擁有鮮花般的鮮艷顏色、處理得宜可保存最少3年以上。保鮮花上世紀在德國出現,再傳入其他西方國家,近年更在日本市場非常暢銷。

1. 避免陽光直射,應放置於陰涼濕環境。
2. 可用柔軟刷子輕輕刷走表面灰塵。